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July 27, 2006
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Cliche's are so Last Summer by theederv Cliche's are so Last Summer by theederv
Decided to work on my lighting skills, since i have little or no experience with lighting interiors (the only one i have done was massively fantasised and unrealistic)

Just to make one thing perfectly clear, I did not model this scene, it was a resource from evermotion.........and................yeeeeessss I know there is some shitty little errors with the cupboard and oven door but i wanted this scene to light it, not fix up the modeling :)

So top one is Day, lit with a sky done and a sun, 6 bounces and a low sample rate (did i mention i wanted to keep the render times under an hour for both of these) In this case 57mins :clap:

Bottom one, night obviously :slow: so.......anyway........ 5 area lights with a suitable falloff and soft shadows, 5 bounces and the render time was 1 3/4 hours :( oh well

I know they are noisy, couldnt be bother to waste my computer for the day letting them render, I was only playin, nothing serious so.....................

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antonia333 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007
Great work!
felicenatalie Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
Wow.... nice... like it so much :)
Jeyam Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2007
this is soo beautiful!! which programm do you use for this?? it's wonderful..
edta Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2006
So real
FreshClub Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2006
:O its ِ beautiful, لل very nice!!!
JoshuaCollins-media Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2006
Very good mate....come to think of it whomever modeled this scene had a picture of the absolute bottle you Oh and as far as noise goes, I don't think theres enough to to cause it to look bad, in fact one would expect such noise to come from many of the digital cameras out there, especially the night shot.
SimonWeaner Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
nice peice man! Nice lightning experimentation I like the second pic :D
Shah-G Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2006   Digital Artist
I simply love it! That framed photo is a great little addition! One thing bothers me and that's the hand towel... I bet it's really hard to make a realistic one because I haven't seen anybody make proper cloth yet (no offence to anybody). Anyways! :+fav: Love the night time one.
Sampdoria Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2006
Excellent colour scheme. Very very soothing. The day view brings in warmth as well!
4G0NY Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work mate, it does look too rendered though.. im not sure what that is, it might be the noise :D
great lighting!
and.. lol those bugs :XD:
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